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Strategies for exponential growth, empowerment of your team,and tips for eliminating poor performance.


Culture Change through Environment Change

The book “Culture Change through Environment Change”
gives readers exposure to proven strategies to dramatically
change culture based on psychology and statistics.

An employee’s leader is just as important to their physical
and mental health as their primary care physician.

Utilizing the Law of Delusion or Innovation and work done
by one of the fathers of sociology, Kurt Lewin, leaders can
reshape their environment which will cause dramatic
changes in their teams behavior.

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The Evolution of Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey at the intersection of leadership and artificial intelligence with The Evolution of Leadership.

This insightful guide unravels the profound impact AI wields in modern workplaces, offering leaders concrete strategies to harness its potential for organizational growth and innovation.

Navigate the ethical considerations of AI integration with transparency and fairness, and learn to cultivate a culture of continuous learning for adaptive teams. 

Lead Your Team to Success in the AI-powered Era!

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Coaching For Growth

Creating a Growth Mindset can change the way an organization functions.  This book provides strategy and methods to create a growth mindset and continuous improvement.  Additionally, this book unveils the proprietary 5T method of coaching to hyper engage your team.

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Error Proofing Humans

Error Proofing Humans is the go-to source for all the latest research on human error and its causes. Learn from experts in the field as they discuss the theoretical background of human error and its consequences, as well as practical tools for analysis and prevention.

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The Secret Code of Influence

This book offers practical strategies to optimize both physical and mental spaces, build psychological safety, and create a culture of swift, effective change. Ideal for leaders looking to inspire and support their teams, Hylenski’s insights guide readers in crafting environments that drive performance and reshape behavior.

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