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Business Coaching and Personal Development with
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"Business and Personal Coach,Public Speaker,Changing Leadership with AI"


Paul G. Hylenski Jr. is a respected figure in the business world and is widely known as an AI leader due to his ability to teach and harness the power of AI for business operations.


He is passionate about transforming leadership to make it more human-centric and improving Leaders so that they can improve the lives of those around them.


He is also currently a Director in the Aerospace Industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of leadership and organizational development, Paul has helped countless organizations achieve their goals and reach new levels of success.


Paul is the author of five business books and a dynamic speaker, known for the ability to inspire and motivate audiences.


Paul is a previous Tedx Speaker and has a thriving LinkedIn newsletter The AI Leader where he teaches leaders how to harness the power of AI in bite size videos. 

In December 2023 he founded an two learning platforms focused on growing leadership and AI skills for the greater community.  The innovative AI Academy called Quantum Leap AI Academy and a hybrid in-person and online certification platform called Quantum Leap Academy. 

Additionally, he is the host of the podcast The Leadership Alchemist which dives into the science and psychology behind leadership and teams. 



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Paul Hylenski has authored four books focused on changing leadership in different ways.  From engineering environments to creating growth mindsets and most recently providing a guide on how to implement AI into the everyday workplace, Paul Hylenski has a passion for transforming leadership. 

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Elevate Your Event with Paul Hylenski: Ignite Inspiration, Drive Change.

Paul Hylenski is a dynamic and engaging speaker, known for his ability to inspire and motivate audiences of all sizes.

He has spoken at events across the country, providing insights and expertise on leadership and workplace culture.

Paul is a previous Tedx Speaker and has also delivered impactful keynotes for organizations such as STEM and various other conferences.



Experience Full Immersion, Transformative Events, and Astounding Outcomes.

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Process Palooza

Mark your calendars for Process Palooza! Get ready to immerse yourself in a day of enlightening talks and groundbreaking ideas. Join us as we bring together thought leaders, visionaries, and innovators to share their inspiring stories and bold perspectives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that will expand your horizons and spark new possibilities.

Date :- August 2024



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